Consultancy & Data Analytics

We know that data only becomes valuable information for you if there is knowledge and expertise available to identify the insight required to drive commercial benefit for your organisation. Many organisations pride themselves on the vast amounts of data they hold on their customers without truly understanding the value it can bring.

Callcredit's team of expert consultants are ideally placed to assist you in this field, drawing on their time working in the credit industry utilising similar data assets. Applying the latest analytical tools and data mining techniques to various consumer datasets, Callcredit's Consultancy & Data Analytics team can assist you in driving tangible benefit from the data you hold.

A number of professional services are available from the Consultancy team covering the entire credit lifecycle:

Customer Insight & Analysis

Callcredit's depth and breadth of consumer data is unparralled and so are the techniques and analytical approaches used by the Consultancy & Data Analytics team to mine the vast arrays of consumer data available. Working at the 'raw' data level in understanding a consumer's specific circumstances and behaviour a number of engagements have recently been completed:

  • How do consumers behave after being declined for credit? Do they retract to utilising existing credit facilities? Do they open up new credit elsewhere? Does their existing payment performance deteriorate?
  • What drives consumers to Insolvency? Does it build up over time or is a consumer impacted by sudden life changing events? Can lenders identify the early signs?
  • How does debt collection performance compare to the industry? Are collections and recoveries teams better or worse than the industry? How does a debtor profile compare to that of the industry?

Strategic Consulting

Strategic reviews of capabilities, portfolio benchmarking, development of optimised credit strategies are just a few of the engagements carried out by the Consultancy team in 2010 for a number of blue chip organisations. Clients respect Callcredit's level of expertise across the credit spectrum from acquiring new customers, management of customer facilities through to fraud management and collections & recoveries. Innovation and use of new technologies also play a large part in delivering a Consultancy offering that delivers tangible benefit to clients. Specific engagements in 2010 include the following:

  • Mortgage Collections Segmentation
  • Repayment Plan Optimisation
  • Pre Delinquency Segmentation
  • Mortgage Portfolio Benchmarking
  • Data Optimisation Consultancy

Model Development

Delivered by a dedicated team of modelling consultants and analysts, Callcredit are now working with a number of organisations in delivering bespoke innovative scoring solutions. This includes traditional risk, fraud and collections scorecards for various stages of the credit life cycle and also more niche models such as the following:

  • Pay Day Loan specific models
  • Bespoke Collections Propensity to Pay Models
  • Insolvency Models
  • Propensity Models around events such as Balance Transfers, Attrition, etc.

Solution Deployment Consultancy

A dedicated team of Consultants and Analysts can aid clients with the integration and optimisation of data into their core operating systems and processes. Whether it be Callcredit's own data solutions such as the Bureau Summary Block, SHAREReport, OII, CallMonitor, etc. or that from another bureau, our Consultants can deliver expertise that will drive tangible value for organisations.

If you're interested in finding out more about the solutions and services our Consultancy team can provide then please get in touch at