Customer segmentation & analysis for the UK & key global markets

Knowing 'who' your customers are is not about guesswork. It's about having the right customer analysis and consumer segmentation tools to offer the insights you want, when you need them.

Ask yourself these simple questions -if you don't know who your customers are then:

  • How can you attract new and profitable ones?
  • How can you ensure you're marketing the right offer with the right message?
  • How can you instill loyalty, reduce churn and increase customer value?
  • How do you know you're positioning your retail outlets in the right place?
  • How can you plan for the future with confidence?

If you don't know who your customers are then Callcredit's segmentation systems are the key to customer understanding.

Customer Segmentation Tools

Callcredit has a comprehensive suite of consumer classification systems, which includes the CAMEO family of segmentations. They help you carry out detailed customer analysis and customer segmentation enabling you to group your customers and markets into segments of like-minded consumers. So, whether you're managing customer relationships, searching for prospects or conducting market analysis to support key investment or divestment opportunities, Callcredit's segmentation tools are for you.

To learn more about CAMEO or any of our other profiling and segmentation tools and how they can be used for customer segmentation contact us now.