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Prospect Lists and Databases

Find more new customers with the UK's largest, most accurate and up-to-date consumer prospect database.

Need to buy prospect mailing lists? Whatever your direct marketing requirements, our award winning consumer prospect database Define holds all the prospect data you'll ever need for successful campaigns.

As well as being the leading source of consumer data to the reseller market, Define is helping some of the UK's biggest consumer brands reach more new customers and communicate better with their current ones.

Choose from a range of flexible purchase options, from annual licensing and list rental to online data selection tools.

With the largest marketable prospect list volumes available in the UK, we are the one stop shop for all your prospect data needs.

Millions of prospects

Hundreds of variables

Get in touch to buy a mailing list and find out how many consumers on our Define database match your criteria.

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Looking for The Trading Floor? In 2011 Callcredit acquired UK data provider The Trading Floor Limited. Now registered as Callcredit Data Solutions Limited and trading as Callcredit Information Group.