Email, Landline & Mobile Telephone Appending

Appending e-mail addresses, mobile telephone or landline numbers to your customer or prospect records is an effective way of enhancing your marketing database and opening up new channels of communication.

Not only can this improved communication promote loyalty and retention, but Callcredit’s E-Append, Tele-Append and Mobile Appending can also deliver cost savings and better ROI when compared to traditional direct mail.

Benefits of email, landline & mobile appending include:

  • Cost effective form of communication
  • Remain front of mind with your customers
  • Reach more new prospects
  • Save money on postage and print for regular mailings
  • Communicate immediately with timely offers or alerts
  • Begin to integrate online and offline campaigns

With the UK's highest multi-channel volumes and match rates, we can help you communicate better whilst cutting costs. Our Define database contains 46 million consumer records for data appending.

Or if you already have an email address but no postal address or phone number, we can reverse the data appending process, matching your list back to our database to fill in the gaps!

Download our "Fill in the gaps" brochure for more information on email append services

Email appending can be the first step towards joining up your online and offline data, but we can help take your marketing activity to the next level creating a truly integrated view of your customers and prospects for direct and digital campaigns.

We develop channel specific and multi-channel solutions that best suit the response profile of your audience and because we hold the widest array of multi-channel and targeting data in the marketplace, we can feed this into our digital services, meaning what, with E-appending, you have a truly powerful, and unrivalled Data Appending service.

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