Define - Consumer Data with More Than 47 Million Prospects

Whether you're looking for consumer data for acquisition, or data for enhancement to boost customer insight, retention, cross-sell or up-sell, you'll always have the challenge of selecting a data partner you can trust.

Well, you can trust us!

We know that you're looking for market leading consumer data that's recent, verified and properly authenticated; consumer data with a depth of volume and a breadth of variables that provide intelligent insight; consumer data that gives unbiased coverage across different verticals; consumer data that's continually invested in, refreshed and developed. Consumer data that offers infinite possibilities.

Since bringing together two of the largest consumer data businesses in the UK - Callcredit Marketing Solutions and
The Trading Floor - we've been working on the build of the largest, most accurate and most verified consumer database of its kind - Define. And now it's here we can't help but shout about it!

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