Asset Reunification from Callcredit reunites lost policy holders with their money

With 11% of the UK population moving each year, Asset Reunification is an integral part of customer management as well as supporting the FCA's Treating Customers Fairly policy.

Using Callcredit's Asset Reunification tool, we are able to provide a unique and robust solution through the deployment of our data assets and specialist investigations teams, helping you locate dormant account holders or reunite clients with their assets.

Powerful customer tracing Database

CallTrace uses Callcredit's powerful Trace database. The batch process allows a client to provide data for individuals they are tracing as an input file. The following datasets can be searched:

Residency Confirmations

Address Links
CallTrace returns the latest address based on indicative residency data from the public domain and the bureau.

Living as Stated
When the indicative residency data establishes that the input address is the main active residence, individuals are confirmed Living as Stated.

Date of Birth Matching
If unable to match an individual to the input address, we will search our trace database for a unique name and DOB match.


Verification and Contact Tools

Electoral Roll
Confirmation as to whether the individual has been found on the Open Register (also known as the edited register) or previous Electoral rolls.

SHARE Validation File
The option to search non financial SHARE data and return a list of account codes registered at each address.

Credit Activity File
Verifies whether the individual has been utilising performing credit accounts at the address provided with a recent timeframe.
Sourced from numerous industry leading Telephone data sources. Providing landline telephone numbers and ex-directory flags.
DOB Append
When matching to an individual's name at address, but not the DOB, we will return the DOB we have matched to.


A recent campaign saw 42% of records traced to a new address fully verified and identification forms returned back to the client. As a result the client is able to successfully re-establish contact with these previously untraceable customers.

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