Case Studies

At Callcredit, we work with a wide range of clients across all business sectors. To find out how our products and services have helped their businesses, take a look at some of the case studies below.

Credit Risk & AffordabilityView all Case Studies

Santander Cards

Using a range of Callcredit's innovative risk management products, Santander Cards UK achieved considerable incremental credit loss savings, improved bottom line returns and indebtedness management capabilities and received a greater...

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Fraud & VerificationView all Case Studies

Royal Mail

As part of Royal Mail’s drive it wanted to ensure no corresponding increase in fraudulent Redirections or identity theft occurred. Royal Mail required a robust identity verification (IDV) solution and as such Callcredit supplied its mark...

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Consumer Marketing DataView all Case Studies

NS&I and Atos

NS&I takes its obligations to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation very seriously. Therefore, holding reliable and up-to-date personal information is vital to fulfil their commitments to their acco...

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Collections & RecoveriesView all Case Studies

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water (YW) serves over five million customers across the region and as part of its commitment to be a responsible business the company looks into ways in which it can identify and support vulnerable customers. Callcredit has su...

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Business EfficiencyView all Case Studies

DWP National Performance Management Framework

DWP’s National Performance Management Framework (“NPMF”) Programme deployed Callcredit’s Aspireview and Bridge products to over 300 local authorities to define a new set of housing benefit national measures to improve services to the pub...

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