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Stop more fraud. Collect more taxes. Reduce costs.

You already understand the power of electronic checks for fraud prevention and tax collection. Electronic checks provide instant access to a wealth of personal information. Although legacy checking systems are familiar, increasingly they are seen as not viable for modern fraud prevention - legacy systems lack the widest range of search purposes, and are poor at assessing living together fraud. Public Sector bodies are looking for a more modern and cost effective alternative to help them stop more fraud and collect more taxes.

How can Callcredit help?
Callcredit can help you to verify citizen identities, trace debtors, assess personal financial circumstances and screen employees. Our solutions are drop-in replacements for existing legacy systems, with a modern look-and-feel. They provide data not available elsewhere, helping you to stop more fraud and collect more taxes. And, at a time when budgets are under pressure, our solutions offer a real opportunity to reduce costs.

Private sector data, at your fingertips
ThreeSixty provides you with everything you need to stop more fraud and collect more taxes