Consultancy Solutions

Business Improvement consulting support for the Public Sector

Public Sector organisations need to work smarter and more efficiently with budget pressures impacting on where and how services are delivered, every available resource must be seen to have maximum impact on customers and communities.

Callcredit’s Public Sector Consulting Team is a dedicated resource which has been providing business improvement and performance management support to the public sector for over 10 years.

The Consulting Team brings a wealth of experience from providing training and implementation support to a range of organisations including Central Government, Local Government, Housing organisations, Police, Fire & Rescue Services, Health Boards and Primary Care Trusts, National Parks, Government sponsored bodies such as Arts and Sports Councils and a range of national and local 3rd sector organisations. Details of our work with individual organisations is available on request.

What support does the Consulting Team offer?

Training and Implementation support on a range of performance management and business improvement techniques is available from Callcredit including:-

Results Based Accountability TM is the leading mechanism across public sector for measuring successful delivery of outcomes. The public sector is increasingly being encouraged to move away from the traditional performance management approach of ‘How much did we do?’ and the measurement of outputs to the more meaningful delivery of outcomes for customers and communities and measuring impact including ‘What difference did we make?’.

Callcredit’s Consulting Team has over 25 years of combined experience of delivering training and implementation support of Results Based Accountability (also known as Outcomes Based Accountability) which includes support for local, regional and national Central and Local Government initiatives, delivery of Community Strategies and strategic policies, more effective partnership working, and robust outcome monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

SPRINT is Callcredit’s highly successful methodology which is used to assess and identify inefficient processes and procedures across services and partnerships. SPRINT has been used extensively across services which are time bound to deliver services within a statutory or required guideline such as the number of weeks to determine Planning applications or process Housing Benefit claims. SPRINT helps organisations to process map current practices and using simple steps identifies where processes can be changed and improved to benefit not only service performance but more importantly the services delivered directly to the customer. 

Our consulting team utilises a knowledge transfer approach to training and implementation support which means we provide skills and knowledge to the staff in the organisations we support. This means organisations can support their own change programmes without relying on continuous or prolonged external support.      

The Benefits is using Callcredit’s Consulting Team are:-

  • More efficient and effective use of resources
  • More meaningful debate on what matters to communities and how the successful delivery of outcomes can be measured
  • Improved partnership working by identification of joint outcomes and effective measurement of contributions of all partners
  • Better engagement of citizens and customers in identification of local priorities
  • Better focus on new ways of working
  • Reduction in the burden of monitoring and reporting activity for a range of different audiences
  • Effective medium term measurement of progress towards longer term outcomes
  • Alignment of service and partnership business planning frameworks with the delivery of outcomes for communities