Tenancy & Housing Fraud

Tenancy & Housing Fraud

More than 50,000 social homes are unlawfully occupied; and, according to recent research, annual detection rates are below 10%. According to the National Fraud Authority, tenancy fraud costs £900m per year. It stops vulnerable citizens getting access to the limited stock of social housing, creating significant costs for Local Authorities by increasing the use of expensive, temporary accommodation. Local Authorities and Housing Associations are looking for an efficient service to identify fraud cases which are most likely to lead to a new vacant property.

How can Callcredit help?

Callcredit can help you to detect fraud amongst existing tenants, monitor existing tenants for change of circumstances and prevent fraudulent applications and allocations. Our solutions help you to quickly prioritise cases for further investigation.

ThreeSixty Tenant View helps you to quickly assess existing social tenancies, to ensure that the expected tenants are still resident. Please view our product page for more information.

ThreeSixty Fraud Hub and ThreeSixty Fraud Cross-Match helps you identify and track existing fraudsters as well as providing Authorities with a tool to identify and prevent fraud before it happens. Please view our product page for more information.

ThreeSixty Online helps you to prevent tenancy fraud at time of application and allocation Please view our product page for more information.

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