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World beating data coverage and consultancy services to help international brands expand domestically and abroad

Identity Verification

International checks within our Verification Suite brings together data from over 135 countries to bring you the market's most comprehensive global ID verification service available. The checks for each country cover a combination of name, address, date of birth, passports and credit cards.

The world's number one Consumer Segmentation System

Backed by the most extensive range of international consumer classifications in the marketplace, we can help you segment, profile and analyse your customers across the globe. Our international CAMEO suite is used by some of the world's top consumer brands, giving them access to powerful insights on billions of consumers.

Global Address Cleaning

Cleanse and re-format address data for 246 countries and append consumer insights. Read more about CAMEO Online here.

International Digital Marketing

Latitude Digital Marketing can offer the whole range of digital marketing services, on a stand-alone or integrated basis. As part of Callcredit Information Group their office in Dubai works with global companies to develop strategies for PPC, display advertising, social media, conversion analytics and affiliate marketing.

International Market Analysis and Retail Location Planning

Our Global Marketing Analysis and Planning (GMAP) team have offices in Tokyo and Shanghai, delivering powerful retail consultancy to some of the world's largest retail and automotive brands. We are able to offer:

  • Store Segmentation
  • Retail catchment analysis & scorecard builds
  • Predictive spatial modelling
  • Evaluations of existing retail networks
  • Bespoke planning consultancy service
  • GIS software tools

For a Japanese translation of our solutions please visit our Japanese website.

For a Chinese translation of our solutions please visit our Chinese website.

International Retail Data

We have built retail centre definitions for most European and Asia-Pacific markets and have calculated retail centre catchments for each centre. By using scorecards and predictive spatial modelling, we can transform data on retail destinations and shopper catchments into customised retail planning tools to evaluate existing retail networks and find new optimal locations.

Read more about our International Retail Data here.

Data Integration

Our Data Gateway solution is a unique data gathering solution that allows an organisation to retrieve multiple data sets through one standardised interface to help improve credit decisions.

International Online Lead Generation

Our International Online Lead Generation team can provide targeted consumer data for European marketing teams requiring a profitable, scalable and transparent acquisition channel.