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Get Your Credit Rating Report from Callcredit Today!

When you apply for credit, it's all about appearing financially attractive to the lender. Whether that's a mortgage provider, insurance company, mobile phone provider or utility company - or even a new employer - they will all take a strong interest in your credit history.

The information on your credit report touches all different aspects of your life, so it's important to undertake a credit check regularly to identify and put right anything that may lead to a rejection.

Lenders usually know exactly what type of customer they're looking for, so rejection can sometimes be beyond your control. But regularly checking your credit report for errors is one of the best ways to make yourself a more financially attractive customer.

Which Callcredit Credit Report is right for you?

You have three ways to see your credit report with Callcredit, depending on what level of insight you need:

Credit Compass - Credit Report, Score and Identity Theft Alerts

For a monthly fee of £14.95 the credit check includes:

  • Your detailed credit report, score and rating.
  • Unlimited access to your credit report, with a new report and score available every day. (subject to new data being received from lenders)
  • Analysis and guidance to help you manage your credit profile.
  • Identity theft alerts alerting you to any changes on your report.
  • Victim of fraud service.
  • More information

Sign up to Credit Compass today


FREE for life - no 30 day trial or need to remember to cancel. The credit check includes:

  • Your detailed credit score, credit rating and credit report. (Updated monthly)
  • Deals that suit your credit profile.
  • Money saving offers.
  • Upgrade to add alerts and ID protection if you need them.
  • More information

Sign up to Noddle today to get your FREE credit report

£2 statutory credit report

  • One-off snapshot of your credit status.
  • Small administration fee.
  • Available online or by post.

Your 'statutory credit file' is one of the building blocks of your credit scoring and the Consumer Credit Act gives you the right to request to see it. For just a £2 administration fee, you'll have access to details about your credit accounts, missed payments and the people who you have financial links to.

This credit check won't give you a detailed credit rating check like Credit Compass or Noddle, but it will give you a good overview of the factors affecting how financially attractive you are. You can also choose whether you'd like to receive it online or by post.

What is a credit report?

Your credit report is your financial passport and whenever you apply for credit, lenders will partially base their decision on the information it provides. It also contains your all-important credit rating.

It's important to check your credit rating because it is not just affected by your financial behaviour - failure to update your address or not being on the electoral register can also lower your score. Regularly checking your credit report will let you identify small issues early on to help you get credit when you need it.

Understanding your credit file

You'll get maximum benefit out of your credit file if you know what to do with it. Learn how it's used and how to improve it and you'll be able to make yourself more financially attractive and less vulnerable to rejection.

The main thing you should look at is your credit rating, which is shown as a score out of 5. A high credit rating represents a low risk and a higher chance of your application being accepted. It does not guarantee you'll be accepted for credit but it will work strongly in your favour.

Financial disassociation

A financial disassociation is a method of removing a financial connection between yourself and any other people showing as financially connected with you on your personal credit report.

Download a disassociation form.

More information on Credit Compass

Credit Compass is an online credit report monitoring service that can help you understand your credit rating and alert you to ID theft fast. Along with being able to access your up-to-date personal credit file at any time; you will receive a credit score and credit rating that will tell you where you stand when you come to apply for credit. At Credit Compass our aim is to give you the tools to understand your credit check and become the credit expert.

And since identity fraud is a growing concern in the UK, we'll also send you an email alert every time key changes are made to your credit file. That way you can identity any fraudulent activity easily and take action quickly. We'll also contact the other credit reference agencies to let them know fraudulent activity is happening in your name and provide expert advice on what action to take.

More Information on Noddle

Noddle is the only genuinely free service offering you access to your credit score and credit report and always will be! Get access to your credit status online within minutes - updated monthly to give an accurate picture of your credit status.

And when you've got your credit report, use Noddle's suggestions to find the best credit cards and loans for you. They're made based on your credit rating - giving you an accurate idea of which cards and loans you're likely to be accepted for.

It's a simple concept - saving you time, money and helping you make informed decisions.