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At Energy Saving Champion we want to help the nation save! Saving power, pounds and the planet - with, You're In Charge!

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Energy Saving Champion also brings you the opportunity to compare energy providers and switch to a service that can lower your monthly bills.

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If you have a South facing roof you could benefit from the advantages of domestic solar power too. Installing solar power can save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills plus you can make money from selling excess energy that you produce back to the National Grid - it's a great alternative investment if you already buy stocks and shares or you've recently retired and want to make the most of your pension funds.

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If you're on certain benefits or someone living at your house is over 70 you automatically qualify for FREE insulation. Take a few minutes to complete the online form and you'll quickly know if you qualify for free loft and cavity insulation from one of the UK's leading energy providers. Even if you don't you only need to invest £150 to get loft and cavity insulation in this Winter and you'll start saving straight away.

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