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Focus on Fraudonomics: Identifying intentional first party fraud vs financial difficulty – do you have the right process in place?

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How much of a challenge does first party application fraud present to your business?  Increasingly our clients are telling us that it is difficult to identify first party fraudsters as opposed to those who are merely experiencing financial difficulties. The widely … » Read more…

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Applying Real World Thinking to the FCA’s review on persistent debt

In April the Financial Conduct Authority released its report on persistent debt in the UK. One of the most shocking findings was that persistent debt is a problem that’s affecting 3.3 million people. That’s about three times the population of … » Read more…

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Focus on Fraudonomics: Biometrics the future of digital fraud prevention and providing a good customer experience

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We, as consumers, are the population of a digital data economy. At the beginning of the decade, most data was being produced by large corporations; now consumers and their own devices are generating more and more data automatically. A combination … » Read more…

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Affordability best practice: what you need to know

Affordability assessments have quickly made their way up the priority ladder for lending organisations over the past few years. Increased regulation from the FCA has been an important reason behind this shift. But, our research of UK risk and customer … » Read more…

Combating the insider Fraudonomics threat: Blog 4/4 – Implement a post breach plan

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In the fourth of a series of short blogs looking at how to combat the threat of fraud from the inside, I will explore what a company can do to minimise damage in the event of a cyber security breach. … » Read more…

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