Responsible Callcredit

Our business is about helping customers make responsible decisions. Our values include acting with integrity and respect to our clients, consumers, employees, communities and the environment.

Looking forward we are committed to deepening and broadening this journey. We're starting to go beyond simply reducing our negative impacts to actively increasing our positive value. For example using our business resources to partner with community organisations to help them deliver social value more effectively.

We understand that responsibility isn't just about the present day. True responsibility is about looking forward. Callcredit has a bright future, and we're proud to help make that future bright for everyone.

We get great feedback that people like working with, and for, an organisation that treats all stakeholders with genuine respect. We've also saved money, driven innovation and improved risk management by thinking differently about our social and environmental impacts. Responsible truly is profitable.

Callcredit has adopted the Business in the Community model:

Our Marketplace

We act with integrity to our consumers, clients, regulators and suppliers.

Our products support responsible interactions, and our processes ensure data is secure and used in ways that comply with legislation.

Our Marketplace - Karen from our reception team

Our Workplace

We look after our people's needs, development, health and wellbeing.

We provide facilities and incentives to cycle or walk to work; free fruit, wellbeing workshops and social events. We promote equality, diversity and a work-life balance.

Our Workplace - Dan on his bike

Our Community

We put back into society, including our local communities and charities.

All employees get a volunteer day to help a community project of their choice. Our 2013 charity is the British Heart Foundation. We also match employees' own fundraising.

Our Community - The Analytics Team

Our Environment

We respect the natural world and make efforts to reduce our impact on it. 

We have active programmes to reduce waste, increase recycling and cut carbon. Our datacentres are powered by renewable energy.

Our Environment - Peter and the Recycling Consoles

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